ked the rhododendrons

ked the rhododendrons

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ked the rhododendrons and searched for raspberries. In the summer, he touched the small shrimps along the mountains and drilled the caves. In the autumn, he collected the chestnuts and kiwis in the mountains and mountains. The ice on the bamboo leaves is put into the mouth without any scruples... No matter how much you play, how happy you are, as long as you know that Dad will go home, this girl will surely leave those little tail-like partners to go home. Not because of fear of parental scolding, nor because of fear that parents can't find it. In fact, there is no way to find it, because even if you spend a lot of time, you climb to the top of the mountain, only to scream at the foot of the mountain Marlboro Lights, and the echo can also get into your ear. Call you back. This girl just likes to be able to sit on the high stove and cook the sizzling firewood when the father is cooking. This is the only housework in her childhood. When you are making a fire, put a litter of ash and ignite it, then hang the stick of the firewood, and erect the overhead. (This meticulous male owner always smashes the firewood into the same size, and the length of the pile is filled with the firewood. Therefore, it is also very good to burn.) The hoe sticking to the stove is like a piece of art, and it is carefully invested and put into the shape of the "well", then replaced with the word "wood" and then the word "a". The words "water", "meter", etc., under her engrossed play, the cozy flames soon made her roast and red, but she enjoyed it until she smelled the bursts in the pot. Scent, and then a large bowl of vegetables out of the pot, take the dirty hand and pinch it to the mouth. Her father would let her wash her hands and eat. In the days of the 1970s and 1980s Cheap Cigarettes, meat could not be as normal as today, and Shantou only liked to eat meat. The younger brother only liked to eat lean meat. So the only thing in the bowl was that the younger brother had caught the meat and bitten the lean meat. Going back, the hoe is pinched and bitten off the skin and then back, or in a different order, so that in the end, only the fat in the bowl is left. This honest man has never blamed it. Through his children, he always took the rest of the wreckage alone with these memories with a dull temperature. At this moment, it is so gentle and so far away. I am at the door, my eyes are inexplicably fascinated for a long time. I have lived in the city for more than 20 years. The season is only the difference between heat and cold. Where is the color change? There are fresh fruits and vegetables in the four seasons. Green leaves and flowers have always occupied the residence. There are vehicles running in black and white in the streets. The restaurant is open for business all night, even if you go to dinner in the middle of the night, the two-door door will be sleepless. Welcome to welcome. I am in such a sky for the house, children, days, rushing through the forever unchanging buildings, walking on the road that will never change, I have long forgotten to look up at the bright sunshine. At this moment, I miss the wilderness outside the city. The bright seasons, the colorful colors, the lazy time mixed with the white smoke rising from the big iron pot, lingering at the fingertips, On the roof of the roof, I suddenly looked forward to another life. Like a child, I sat down at the stove and burned, then watched my father cook. No, I should look at the person who belongs to me and smell the intoxicating. The world's fireworks, slow cooking, slow eating, slowly wrinkles, and then the teeth are gone, we will help each other to string the door, to see if the chickens and ducks are back Parliament Cigarettes. If you receive a call from your son's grandson, you will be happy to close your mouth and put down the phone. You will repeatedly count the past and all kinds of past, and always talk about the stars yawning... This kind of feeling is inadvertently The faint human fireworks are woven, but this is a secluded heart, how should we collect it?
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